Praise for Before He Kills Again


I’m delighted with the response to Before He Kills Again. Here is some praise and reviews:

Michelle Dunne, in the Irish Examiner: Before He Kills Again feels to me like a glimpse into the realities of a murky criminal world and the battle of wills taking place within the ranks of those investigating. Coakley’s portrayal of Cork City gives such a strong sense of place, and his simple but elegant prose keeps the story moving, sweeping the reader along and keeping us gripped from start to finish.

What we also have here is a rather shocking double climax which is very satisfying. I’m ready for much more of Tim Collins and could easily see myself watching this Cork Rebus-esque detective onscreen.

It’s an expertly crafted, unflinching, and creepy-as-hell thriller. Tadhg Coakley is at the top of his game.

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Gráinne McGuinness, in The Echo: Before He Kills Again grabs the reader’s attention from the opening pages, and the mid-novel move to another case doesn’t detract from the pace. As Collins is rapidly drawn into the backstory of some of the West Cork men involved, so is the reader. Crime fans who haven’t read Whatever it Takes will have no trouble picking up here, while those already with Collins will enjoy seeing his character develop further here.

Like The Game last year, I would not be surprised to see Before He Kills Again appear on best-of lists of Irish crime fiction at the end of the year. A gripping read.

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Mairéad Hearne. Swirl and Thread Book Blog: With two investigations running in parallel, Tadhg Coakley provides the reader with a serious adrenaline hit, with some very tense and heinous moments. Cork is a character in its own right throughout with a very strong sense of place, making for a very authentic reading experience.

Tadhg Coakley has created a fantastic protagonist with a brilliant personality, bringing Tim Collins very much alive for every reader. Police-procedurals don’t come much better than this. Addictive, disquieting, fast-paced, realistic and thoroughly engrossing Before He Kills Again is a book that I highly recommend to all fans of this genre. Congratulations Tadhg, you’ve done it again!

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Breda Brown, Sunday Independent: An intricately plotted novel, Before He Kills Again touches on themes of power, betrayal, revenge and, of course, justice and Coakley skilfully dials up the tension until we reach the unexpected and dramatic ending. And despite the dark subject matter, the city by the Lee absolutely glows. This is a welcome addition to Cork Noir. Bring on number three.

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Concubhar Ó Liatháin, Corkman: I’ve always thought that Cork should have a good crime scene in terms of fiction – that the city and county should feature more in fiction. It would be great to see a TV drama based on the Tim Collins books. 

When you’re reading a page turner like ‘Before He Kills Again’ or ‘Whatever It Takes’, both titles published by Mercier Press, you want to reach the end but when you do, and when there’s not a next novel immediately to hand, that is an anti-climax. While I’m sure there are further instalments on the way in the Collins saga, it did leave me asking for more.

But there’s more where the Collins’ books came from, more in the Cork noir genre.

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Éabha Puirséil, Silver Hand Journal, Maynooth University: Enjoyable as a stand-alone piece, Collins’ complexity will no doubt have you searching up its prequel and anxiously awaiting the next installment. While the novel isn’t without its flaws, it has shoot-out scenes to get your heart racing, and a thrilling double-climax you won’t find elsewhere. For those who like to do a little more reflecting, the novel certainly lends itself to this: the connections between misogynistic violence and men being applauded for breaking the rules are drawn tenuously, but backed up completely by the rest of the novel. Ultimately, this is a perfect crime novel to throw in your suitcase this summer. 

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