May 4, 2023

Praise for Before He Kills Again

I’m delighted with the response to Before He Kills Again. Here is some praise and reviews: Michelle Dunne, in the Irish Examiner: Before He Kills Again feels to me like a glimpse into the realities of a murky criminal world and the battle of wills taking place within the ranks of those investigating. Coakley’s portrayal of Cork City gives such a strong sense of place, and his simple but elegant prose keeps the story moving, sweeping the reader along and keeping us gripped from start to finish. What we also have here is a rather shocking double climax which is very satisfying. I’m ready for much more of Tim Collins and could easily see myself watching this Cork Rebus-esque detective onscreen. It’s an expertly crafted, unflinching, and creepy-as-hell thriller. Tadhg Coakley is at the top of his game. Full review here.  Gráinne McGuinness, in The Echo: Before He Kills Again grabs