64  Questions about the World Cup

  Is everybody enjoying the World Cup so far?   Are you not entertained?   How about the 6,750 people who died so you could watch some football?   How do you feel about them?   Please tick. Do you feel: Very sad about them    Sad about them    Not sad at all    Couldn’t care less   Did you think about not watching the World Cup because so many people were killed?   Or should sport be separate from politics as Hitler and Putin wanted?   Do you have a favourite team? Anyone But England, I suppose?   Great to see Messi and Mbappé starring on the big stage, isn’t it?   If every one of the 64 games lasts 100 minutes that will be 6,400 minutes in all, about one dead person per minute of football, that’s a nice synchronicity, isn’t it?   And how do I

A Tale of Two Cities, Rivalry and Loss

January, 2021 Column in the Irish Examiner, where I write about the Liverpool and Manchester United rivalry and what it has meant to me down the years. I also pay tribute to my great friend Tom Abernethy, whom we lost in March, 2020 and whom I miss terribly, especially when United are playing.

I’m now working on the Autobiography of Denis Coughlan

I’m delighted to announce I’m working with the legendary Cork dual-star Denis Coughlan on his biography, to be published by Hero Books later in 2020 as part of the Legends Series. Denis contested no less than 81 county, provincial and All-Ireland finals at all grades during his fantastic career.