Repeal the 8th


Wasn’t it great when we owned the women we married, when, effectively, they were our property?

’Twas. Proper order, made things a lot simpler.

We owned our daughters too, and they were very useful, in forging alliances with other men of power and means.

We did. Except for that bloody dowry system. Daughters were a curse, really.

They were. Still are.

Remember the time women couldn’t own land or their own homes. Only the man could?

Those were the days.

She had to have a man, then, there was no way out.

Oh, had to marry or she was nothing.

Great days.

They were.

And of course they had no vote.

No business voting, sure what do women know about politics? Man’s business.

Oh, it is.

Then they had to give up their job in the civil service if they got married.

Sure, men needed those jobs, it was the right thing to do.

It was – a disaster when they rescinded it.

And of course if a young one got pregnant, she could be sent off to the laundries.

Best place for them, sure you couldn’t have the scandal.

No. And then the nuns selling off the babies to America.

Smart women, nuns, they know what’s what.

They do, well we weren’t going to look after the little bastards, that was for sure.

God, no way, that’s up to the women.

It is.

And of course churching women when they wanted to go back to mass.

A great tradition, shame they got rid of it.

Contraception was a disaster, really. Should never have been allowed in.

Total disaster, sure they could do what they wanted then. Lost the run of themselves.

Worst thing ever, immoral too.

Very immoral. Same with divorce.

Divorce is a disgrace.

Not so long ago, if your wife refused your conjugal rights, you could take them.

Oh, you could. Why wouldn’t you. Sure, they’re your rights, as a husband.

That’s all gone too, now.

All gone.

And if you got a young one pregnant, she had to have the baby and look after it, no matter what. Sick, sore or sorry, she had to have it.

No matter what. Well we weren’t going to.

Look after it? God, no. That’s the woman’s job, that’s what they’re for. Having babies and looking after them.

That’s what they’re for.