Listen to the robin


As I write this, the robin is singing outside. The sun is slanting up over the hedge. I can hear a rook on the roof.

I heard a lot of robins in Dublin too last weekend.

It’s time. The days are lengthening. We have daffodils and snowdrops and crocuses. It’ll be Lá Fhéile Bríde in a few days.

Listen to the robin. It’s worth your while.

I won’t say any more about his song. He’s singing right now.

Just listen.

Here’s a film I made about the robin’s singing in November a couple of years ago. Just four minutes long. It was published in the online journal The CINE FILES here.

[vimeo 172545561 w=640 h=397]

MEmorial to the Moment from Tadhg Coakley on Vimeo.


Image of robin by Gareth 1953, Flickr Commons. 



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